Astronomy Mobile Outreach Vehicle (AMOV)

The Acquisition and Initial Tribulations

The bus as I first saw it at a local repair shop. It was not running at the time, and was scheduled for the junkyard. The lettering on the sides of the truck have been covered to respect the former owners. Once I negotiated a price for the bus, I had it towed to Speedee to allow the mechanics and the owner of that shop take a crack at finding what was wrong with the bus.
The bus is now carrying 30 day tags. I have registered it and have added it to my insurance. It still is not running at this point. I have taken advantage of the space behind Speedee to cover the red stripes with Bahama Blue Metallic paint. The writing on the sides of the bus have been removed an it now shows no sign of its past owners.


The bus now has the new plates and is still not running.