Astronomy Mobile Outreach Vehicle (AMOV)

Cabinet Installation - Part One

The cabinets are going in. This is the cabinet on the drivers side toward the front of the bus. The curtains hide the part pf the cabinets that go from the floor to the ceiling for added storage space. This is the cabinet on the passenger side. It will hold a multitude ot gear, as it has over 25 cubic ft. of storage.
Ignore the mess. As you might have noticed, the trim panels have been reupholstered with blue material along the interior roof panels. This view, looking towards the back, shows both cabinets, as well as the workdesk and tripod storage area. In this view looking toward the front, both cabinets are in place, but there is still alot of room to move front the front of the bus to the rear. I wanted to keep this area as open as possible for outreach traffic.