Astronomy Mobile Outreach Vehicle (AMOV)

Cabinet Installation - Part Two and Alarm Installation

Many changes since the last update. I removed the short cabinet on the passenger side and installed two seats from the original StarGazer Van. This is the view from the front door of the bus. The view from the back shows that the cabinets that were behind the driver were expanded and now cover the first window of the bus on the drivers side. This allows a more compact storage of the scopes. It was way more work, but worth it.
Here is a slightly better view of the cabinets. They will look much better when covered. Inside the upper cabinet there is room for the dob, the 8" Meade LX200, the Orion ED80, and more room left over. You can see in the back of the cabinets that the window has been sealed off with plywood to deter thieves from trying to enter directly into the cabinets from outside.
The tall cabinet holding the Meade LXD55 AR6 tube case and the dob truss tubes, with room to spare. Once the carpet had time to settle, I was able to stretch it out and trim the carpet. The trim edging was cleaned and reinstalled. It looks much better now.
The Captains Chairs in forward facing position. The seats have seat belts installed. The Captains Chairs rotated to face each other. The plan is to install a folding table to fit on the wall between these seats so in this position, two people could have a meal at a table.
The door trim around the driver door. This piece was a pain to reinstall. I was finally successful. It does look nice now. The antenna for the Viper Alarm System. The bus is now armed to the teeth with a Viper Alarm System. Many thanks go to Directed Electronics for helping us buy the alarm system, and a big bunch of Kudos to the people at Audiotronics on Ogden Road for completing the difficult installation. StarGazer II is now well protected.