Astronomy Mobile Outreach Vehicle (AMOV)

Cabinet Re-Installation and Seating

I acquired this 1986 Ford Conversion Van from a friend. He sold it to me at a good price. I proceeded to strip the interior pieces that I needed out of the van, and then sold it to a local auto recycling facility. Here is the main cabinet. It now has doors on it and is capable of holding quite a bit of gear. It does look a bit monolithic.
A view towards the front. The main cabinet is on the left. The 2 Red captains chairs replaced the blue ones that came out of the original StarGazer. The red seats came from the donor van. This couch also came from the donor van. The couch folds down into a bed for sleeping. I had to build structural braces for both the couch and the captains chairs to secure them to the frame of the vehicle. Bolting them to the floor was not secure enough, so braces were made and installed beneath the vehicle..
The small cabinet on the right side of the vehicle. This cabinet houses smaller items. The 2 captains chairs. They are a bit bigger and more comfortable than the previous blue seats.