The Original StarGazer

Honoring my Faithful Friend

The StarGazer. This is not long after I bought the Van back in 1975. I am guessing this is in early 1976. This photo was taken at Boobs Knob in Roanoke County. Boobs Knob doesn't exist anymore, due to urban sprawl. Notice the white fur on top of the dashboard. It just layed in there. It wasn't installed. The StarGazer after the pin striping, but before the lettering. I pinstriped it myself. It took several days to complete. The white spoke wheels were Appliance Mojocks - 15x7 in the front and 15x8 in the rear. Note the kitten standing behind the front wheel.
A color shot of the van, with a young, skinny owner. Circa 1976 Self Portrait on Mill Mountain, with the sun setting in the background. The StarGazer has been added in diffraction lettering on the sides of the van. The diffraction tape was also added to the spokes on the wheels, making the wheels change color as the van traveled down the road. Sidepipes were added as well. Summer of 1977, I believe.

The StarGazer and I in a photo for a Christmas Card in 1977, I believe. Note the odd wing shaped CB antenna on top of the Van.

The Star Gazer in a Auto Show at Tanglewood Mall in 1986. This shot shows the contrast of the exterior and the interior. The last show that the Star Gazer competed. The StarGazer has been repainted, but not restriped. Dual headlight buckets and a square chrome tubular grille adorn the front, as well as driving and fog lights. With all lights lit, it was impressive at night.
The Drivers cabin. Swiveling Captains Chairs. The dashboard was cedar wood, as well as the cabinets. The overhead console housed the AM/FM/Cassette deck, power amplifiers, and light switches to control the 16 interior lights. Mirrors are inset into the cabinet doors on the cedar cabinets. Two of my Opus guards protect some of the trophies that the StarGazer won in its competition career. A better shot of the cedar cabinetry. Fiber optic lighting is on top of the cabinets, a fiber fountain to the front and a fiber tree to the rear. The dry bar is located in the cabinets, but this was a family show, so the doors were closed. The divider to the bed in the rear is button-tucked blue crushed velvet. The bed covering is also blue crushed velvet.